Practicing Alap, Raga Yaman: 04.04.2017

Here is a short video of me practicing Alap for Raga Yaman on Sitar. 

Tonight I was struggling to play overall, I feel that I am racing and that my sense of phrasing is very random. I couldn’t decide between practicing one phrase multiple times or trying to play “for real.” As a result I feel like this is pretty messy. I chose to upload the video to be honest in documenting my progress. 

What is amazing is that at my next sitar lesson my Guru gave me a whole new level of instruction and opened a lot of new doors for me. I hope to grow a lot in the next year. 

5 Must Try Earthquaker Devices Effects Pedals

Earthquaker Devices (EQD) are some of the coolest and most innovative pedals being made today.

If you are looking for something help inspire you to make music in new and refreshing ways, then Earthquaker Devices is a company to check out.

Here is my video review of the 5 coolest pedals in their lineup.


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Hoof Reaper:
Tone Reaper:
Dispatch Master:
Avalanche Run:
Night Wire:


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Blazing Fast Sitar Practice – this was exhausting!

Hi, I’m Jeff Starr, a sitar student and filmmaker. Here is a video of me practicing some of my Taans for Raga Yaman.

My goal tonight was to rebuild some of the speed and strength I lost when I was sick with the flu and I took a week off from practicing.

This video is also a really great example of the importance of practicing as you can see my improvement on the last Taan in the video.

Want to play fast sitar? Practice, Practice, Practice.

I am working to build up speed as my teacher wants me to play between 200 -250 beats per minute (BPM).


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How to go crazy by missing 1 beat in Tintal

Tonight I set out to fix an error I had been making when playing a specific Taan in tintal at my last lesson.

I have been really busy with work and haven’t been able to practice sitar enough. I thought I was doing okay but then I shot this video and realized how by missing even a few days it had set me back in my study.

At my lesson I was playing this Taan and ending 1 beat early. Tonight I kept ending one beat late. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Eventually I figured out that I was adding in a note, but it took me a good 30 min of practice to get there.

So if there is a theme to tonight’s video it’s that I need to practice EVERY DAY. Luckily I was able to recover and get back up to speed, mostly.


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How many tones can a Blues Driver make?

I gave myself a challenge: 1 hour to write a song and shoot a video that demos 4 unique tones created by a standard Boss BD2 Blues Driver. Thoughts? Leave a comment.

Recorded in Logic.
• Guitar: Ibanez Artcore AS83
Boss Blues Driver BD2
• Guitar Amp: Fender Mustang 3 
• Drums: EZ Drummer 2, the easiest way to add drums to your recordings!

Oh, Pretty Woman – Soul Blues Backing Track in the style of Albert King

This backing track is Inspired by the song “Oh, Pretty Woman” made famous by Albert King on his album, “Born Under a Bad Sign.” If you don’t already own his album do yourself a favor and buy it right away.

The original song doesn’t follow a standard blues structure and the verses run different lengths. I wanted to make this backing track as easy to solo over as possible so I restructured it into the standard 12 bar format.

You can find the original song on the album “Born Under a Bad Sign”

Recorded in Logic.
Guitar: Ibanez Artcore AS83
Bass: Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass, Fretless
Drums: EZ Drummer 2, the easiest way to add drums to your recordings