Sitar Riyaz: Paltas & Right Hand Strength

Hi, I’m Jeff Starr, a sitar student and filmmaker. This is a livestream video of me practicing Raga Yaman on sitar.

This is part of my daily Sitar Riyaz.

In this video I do a general warm up and some more complicated paltas before playing gat & tans. I then focused on some right hand exercises to help build up additional strength and improve that technique.


Sitar Tan Practice!

Hi, I’m Jeff Starr, a sitar student and filmmaker. Here is a video of me practicing sitar tans for Raga Yaman.

I give all my my Taans nicknames and I call this one, “Chikari pauses.”

I am working to build up speed as my teacher wants me to play this at 200 beats per minute (BPM). Let’s see how fast I can get today!

I took my first sitar lesson on January 27th, 2012.

StringGym: Practice Tool for Guitar & Sitar

I review the StringGym, a basic but effective practice tool for guitar and sitar players looking to build and maintain the callous on their fingers.

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Sitar Tuning and practicing.

Tonight I demonstrate sitar tuning and I have a casual practice with mizrab warmups, pultas, gat and alap.

I’m also testing out my new camera and mic set up for live streaming.

Learn more about the amazing StringGym here:

Alap and Jhala Practice: Raag Yaman

Tonight I wanted to focus on Jhala.

I warmed up with Alap and I think it’s one of the best Alaps i have played! So that was a bonus.

Jhala is particularly hard for me due to a wrist problem I have. I was very happy with my final speed for tonight. I think I can maybe go faster next time… thoughts?

Tanpura for riyaz (and a sleepy cat)

If you want a HIGH QUALITY Tanpura and tabla app for your smart phone I suggest iTabla Pro. Here is my unbiased video review:
IN the meantime…

Tanpura for riyaz (practice) in the key of D.

Also, the internet seems to love cats so here is a cat.