Blues Lunchbox Head Shootout

As someone who likes to think of themselves as a blues player and a fan of amps that facilitate that tone, I really enjoyed this video by Andertons Music demoing a bunch of Blues sounding Lunchbox sized amps.

I would have liked to see the Fender Super Champ X2 Head in this shoot out. It’s 15 watts, fairly low cost and the cleans sound amazing. It takes pedals really well too!

I own the Super Champ combo version with a 10 inch speaker and it’s great for playing small club shows. But, having it as a head and just showing up and using┬áthe house back line cabinet would be great. And, hell,┬áhaving that much less to carry in a NYC taxi would be amazing.

Here is a nice video comparing the Super Champ x2 to the very beloved (and expensive) Fender Princeton RI.

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