Learning Raga Yaman Alap, Update December 2016

Here is a video of me practicing Alap for Raga Yaman.

As many of you already know, sitar is really hard to play!

Raga Yaman Alap is something I have been slowly learning over the years. For the past few months my teacher has been having me focus a lot of Gat and Taans. Then over the past few weeks we started spending more time during my lesson discussing and playing Alap.

Since I was traveling this week I figured I would shoot a video playing alap to document my current progress compared to the previous videos I have posted. You can see those in the links below. I hope I am getting better. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Old Alap Videos:
October 2016: https://youtu.be/ohiPO4el_D0
July 2016: https://youtu.be/AZ7mkE4LKpA
April 2016: https://youtu.be/s29hjlDTghI

If you want to learn more about the sitar I am playing you can watch this video:


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Raga Yaman Alap Practice 10-27-16

In this video I am practicing my opening phrases to the Alap for Raga Yaman.

This is difficult stuff!

I struggled with some pitch issues and my attack on some notes is a little rough but this is all part of the learning process. Hopefully this is an improvement over my last Alap video.

Please leave comments and let me know what you think. I love to read feedback.

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How to play Sitar (with less pain)! AKA: how to tape your fingers.

Playing the sitar is hard and it can be really painful. In this video I’ll demonstrate the method I use to tape my fingers. This helps reduce pain and can be very useful when you have been practicing a lot. Or, if you are just beginning to learn sitar using tape can be helpful while your fingers build up a callous.

Some additional thoughts:
Sorry for the messy room. I figured it was better for me to shoot a video surrounded by my son’s toys than to clean everything up and not have time to make the video.

You don’t want to use tape every time you practice.

I suggest masking tape because it’s very slick on the strings and also because the glue is fairly weak allowing you to take the tape off easily. It also won’t leak glue onto your strings like a fabric athletic tape will.

I changed my shirt halfway into filming so that you can see my hands better. But if you like the shirt I was wearing, you can buy one at http://copycreditmeals.net/ My buddy runs that website and is giving his profits back to artists, actors, etc.


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Learning Raga Yaman Alap, Update July 2016

This is a video to document my progress learning the Alap from Raga Yaman.

I think it’s starting to come together a bit better now. Listen to this video from earlier this year, back in in April.

I feel like I’ve made some really good improvements, although I still have a long way to go.

I am playing a Barun Ray (Hiren Roy’s son) sitar. I have been taking sitar lessons since 2012.

Thanks for watching and please feel free to comment.

Audio was recorded in LogicX.

— — — — —

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Thoughts on learning the Sitar after leaving my lesson.

My teacher was extremely generous today and my lesson ran for an extra half hour. We spent that extra time playing Alap and going over super important small details.

It was one of those lessons that makes you feel like you are starting over again! I have so much to learn about the sitar. It’s been an amazing journey for me so far and I am so happy to study and learn this instrument.

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I bought a Sitar! Ravi Shankar Style

While traveling to visit family I found this used sitar for sale in a local music store. It’s Ravi Shankar style and was made by Hiren Roy. I’ll keep this at my parents house to practice on when I visit family. Now I need to get back home more often!

Sa is tuned to C#.

Practicing Sitar: Raga Yaman, Alap

I have been taking sitar lessons since 2012. I have been slowing learning to play Alap for about 2 years. It’s really hard!

This is a video to document where I currently am with my progress and to get feedback from others.

I hear so much in my playing that needs improvement but people ask to hear me play all the time so I thought I would record something short.

I am playing a Barun Ray (Hiren Roy’s son) sitar.

Thanks for watching! Please feel free to comment.