How to play Sitar (with less pain)! AKA: how to tape your fingers.

Playing the sitar is hard and it can be really painful. In this video I’ll demonstrate the method I use to tape my fingers. This helps reduce pain and can be very useful when you have been practicing a lot. Or, if you are just beginning to learn sitar using tape can be helpful while your fingers build up a callous.

Some additional thoughts:
Sorry for the messy room. I figured it was better for me to shoot a video surrounded by my son’s toys than to clean everything up and not have time to make the video.

You don’t want to use tape every time you practice.

I suggest masking tape because it’s very slick on the strings and also because the glue is fairly weak allowing you to take the tape off easily. It also won’t leak glue onto your strings like a fabric athletic tape will.

I changed my shirt halfway into filming so that you can see my hands better. But if you like the shirt I was wearing, you can buy one at My buddy runs that website and is giving his profits back to artists, actors, etc.


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