Roland Introduces JC-22 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amp

I can’t yet tell if I love this or hate it.  I do like the idea of a smaller brother to the amazing JC-120 and the smart & sensible JC-40.

This might be the perfect practice amp for Jazz guitarists and those playing small “coffee house” sized venues.

What I wish it had:

  1. USB out for direct digital recording (Yes, I realize this amp has line out and USB might really jack up the price… But that doesn’t mean I can’t still WANT something.)
  2. 10″ Speakers.  6.5″ speakers feel really out of sync with the rest of the specs on this amp, especially because the big selling point is the huge multi diminutional 3D sound it is supposed to provide… From 6.5 inch speakers?  hummmm.  I would really like to hear this in person.

Check prices on Amazon for the JC-22, and the larger JC-40 and JC-120