I am now on Patreon! Your support is needed.

Hi Everyone,
You have been such a huge inspiration for me to keep making videos and posting them. Thank you so much!

If you like this site and the videos I am creating, please consider becoming a patron and supporting this effort.

I post new videos 2-3 times per week. But… shooting videos is starting to cost me money. I’m quickly eating up hard drive space on my old computer. Your patronage will directly help me afford the costs of storage space, software updates, lighting, better audio and will make the process of creating content easier and faster. I will also be embarking on a new short film project this year.

I want to grow my Youtube Channel and this blog to be the best it can possibly be.  Patreon will allow me to do that.

If you like my videos please consider taking the time to support what I do. I am tremendously grateful for every contribution. Words can not express how meaningful your help is to me.


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