Short Robots are Screaming: Crazy MF Flange Sounds

This video is an outtake from my series of improvised guitar solos.

The loop I recorded is way too loud but I still liked a small section of the solo and I wanted to share it regardless.  So, here is that outtake.

The super metallic sound of the loop is created by the MF Flange.

I also ran the flange under a lot of the solo giving it extra bite.  This one is a bit rough on the ears!

This song is called: Short Robots are Screaming

Gear Used (click links for prices):
Moog MF Flange:
Boss Blues Driver:
Buddy Guy Wah:
Line 6 FM4
Boss RC-2 looper:

PedalTrain Pedal Board:
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Power Supply:

Fender Stratocaster:
Guitar Amp: Fender Mustang 3 I love the ease of the USB interface for recording.

Recorded in LogicX. EQ and Delay added in post.

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