Bouncy Blues Backing Track in E

I wanted to make a really light, bouncy and almost silly blues backing track to show that blues isn’t only about feeling blue, but sometimes is about taking your blues away. This one cheers me up every time. Also, in the middle I pull way back in volume so you can do the same, we get to build and then come out hard at the end. I love the dynamic playing from artists like Buddy Guy who will bring the band back to a whisper and then bring everything to a roaring head. I think dynamics in playing is something a lot of people forget about, so this is a good chance to experiment with that.

Key of E. Chords are E, A, B.

Recorded in Logic.
Guitar: Ibanez Artcore AS83
Bass: Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass, Fretless
Guitar Amp: Fender Mustang 3
Drums: EZ Drummer 2

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