Thoughts on learning the Sitar after leaving my lesson.

My teacher was extremely generous today and my lesson ran for an extra half hour. We spent that extra time playing Alap and going over super important small details.

It was one of those lessons that makes you feel like you are starting over again! I have so much to learn about the sitar. It’s been an amazing journey for me so far and I am so happy to study and learn this instrument.

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I bought a Sitar! Ravi Shankar Style

While traveling to visit family I found this used sitar for sale in a local music store. It’s Ravi Shankar style and was made by Hiren Roy. I’ll keep this at my parents house to practice on when I visit family. Now I need to get back home more often!

Sa is tuned to C#.

Sitar taan at 170 bpm!

I was really determined to play this Taan at 170 beats per minute. I’ve been stuck at 160, so today I slowly worked my way up to 170 with many failed attempts. Here are the last three minutes of my practice where I struggle with and eventually hit the 170 goal.

…180 is the next milestone. My teacher wants me to eventually play all taans for this gat at 200bpm.

A taan is sort of similar to playing a riff in western music.

I took my first sitar lesson on January 27th, 2012.